All abstracts must be submitted electronically through the NCIC 2018 Abstract Portal.

All abstracts must be submitted in English. Abstracts in other languages will not be accepted.

The final deadline for submission of abstracts is 27th August 2018.

All abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee and final decision on whether it will be selected for oral or poster presentation will depend on the scientific content, topic and quality of the abstract.

Maximum word count for abstracts is 300

Abstracts must be structured and formatted into Introduction/Background, Methods, Results and Conclusions.

Notification of acceptance will be e-mailed to the main/presenting author

The presenting author must be registered for the conference latest by 12th September 2018.

Failure to register for the conference by the presenting author will automatically imply that the abstract will NOT be included in the book of abstracts.


Stay on this page till you see confirmation Message

Upload manually to abstract@nicanigeria.org if it fails to send.